How to Relax Your Mind ?

Nowadays, everybody is suffering from stress and boredom. Everybody wants to know how to relax mind. It is necessary because where the mind goes, the body follows. If we do not maintain our mental health, it will severely impact our physical health too. A stressed mind can cause indigestion, muscle dystrophy, loss of memory power, fatigue, undermine your immunity and increase negative thoughts.It can also negatively affect our personal and social relations and our decision making ability. I am telling you a Yogic method to relax your mind.This method is called Watching Breathe. This is very simple. You need not to make any extra effort for it.

How to Do It ?

Focus on your breathing while you inhale and exhale, try to hear the sound of it, feel it, scan your body with your mind and observe how several parts are reacting and acting with your breathing. You not at all need to retain your breathe nor you need to inhale and exhale slowly. Just inhale and exhale as you normally do. You can also count the breathing. You can imagine that your are sleeping and you are unaware of your environment. For example, I imagine that I am getting lighter while inhaling and getting heavier while exhaling and I am going up while I inhale and come down while I exhale.

These rules are not watertight. You can personalise these rules according to your need and feeling. Just within 5 minutes, you will feel relaxed. No particular posture is needed for it. You can do it in any posture and position. You can do it anywhere and in any health condition. Any posture or envirionment that pleases you is best for you. You can do it also while working, eating, drinking, studying whenever you like to do it. This will boost your concentration, boost immunity and memory power and you can get a better sleep.

12 thoughts on “How to Relax Your Mind ?

  1. What if it was our subconsciousness which ovverides our consciousness, i can understand why so many individual’s feel meditation etc helps the mind, but ultimately meditation relaxes our subconscious body which inturn releases conscious strain and calms the mind..


    1. If one’s subconciousness totally overrides conciousness, then he cannot even meditate and cannot even be taught how to behave. In this case, only a psychologist or psychiatrist can help


      1. Our subconscious doesn’t totally ovveride our consciousness our subconsciousness directly interferes and disrupts the best version of our conscious self.. 🙏💙🙏


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