Pragmatic better than Positive

People think in two ways, either in positive way or negative one. Who of these two types of person is right and why ? We are usually advised to think positive and never to think negative. The motivators also advise this. But, it is not always fine to think positive. Yes, you read it right, sometimes we should think negative too. Surprised ? I am explaining to you when and why.

Most of the people are divided between two groups in this respect, Optimists and Pessimists. Optimists are those who always see the brighter side or positive side of anything. Pessimists are those who always see the darker side or negative side of anything. Here, Optimists overlook the negative side while Pessimists overlook the positve side. Both the sides, positive and negative are eqally important. The wisdom and successful planning comes from considering the combination of both these sides. This style of thinking is called Pragmatism or Realism, in simple terms, being Practical.

Pragmatism takes into cosideration every possible aspect of matter, be it positive or negative, thinks eveything practically and is Result Oriented. It tries to identify all the negative aspects like the problems, weaknesses, errors, challenges etc. but unlike Pessimists they don’t stop here. They go further and now find out solutions and fixes for these challenges. They are proactive and get prepared for the probable challenges and so they can more easily avoid or solve the problems than the Optimists. For example, if a person thinks only positively before starting a business, like he will definitely make profits, then he might icur heavy losses due to the lack of pre-planning for the challenges. In this case, after incurring losses, he will have no choices as he had not planned to put any money into the reserve for his bad days. But, if he thinks pragmatically while investing the money, he will think also about the challenges in the business, the possible consequences and prepare a Plan B and admit that he might make profit and also might incur loss and so he will put some money into reserve prudentially. This planning is called Provisioning in Banking and other industries. Bankers put aside some money to make make up the bad loans.

SImilarly, nowadays during COVID-19 Pandemic, many people, particularly in India,are thinking too much positively that they should not fear at all and that no mishap is going to take place. These people are not at all aware of the critical situation of the world due the pandemic and are not following any social distancing even despite the govt’s repeatedly requesting to do so. They are worsening the situation. Do you think they are right in thinking that there is nothing to worry about ? Do you agree that we should not admit that the situation is too bad and might become even worse due to this type of excessive Optimism ? Or you agree with me that excess of anything, both poitive and negative, is always bad ?

In this case, we must admit the negative side of the pandemic situation that we still don’t have any antidote against COVID-19. But, we should not stop at the negative thought. Rather, we should find out the positve aspect from it. We should come together to fight this pandemic and definitely we will win. But, at first, we must admit that we are facing a serious challenge and then fight it bravely. Without accepting the negative side we cannot prepare any plan for it nor can we overcome this situation. Thus, we see that thinking too positive is not always right.

Nothing in this world is useless. Everything is for some good purpose whether we know or don’t know the purpose. God knows all the purposes of all the objects and so he created them for the welfare of the whole world. He has created both positive and negative. If negative were bad at all, then he would not have created this. But, he has created it because it is the negative which induces and inspires us to plan for the positive and explore the brighter side. The problems forces us to find out solutions for it and thus man invents new things. Thus, the negative is not totally bad. Negative is bad when we take its overdose. Even Positive can be harmful if we take its overdose.

So, think pragmatically. Start from the negative, identifying the problems and challenges, but do not stop at the negative, go further and find out the solution. A journey from Negative to Positive is Pragmatic.

6 thoughts on “Pragmatic better than Positive

  1. Pragmatism reconciles both optimism and pessimism. Pragmatism can be seen as reformation of classic empiricism or positivism.its principle is pretty simple; a preposition is meaningful only insofar as it can serves a practical purpose.

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    1. Hello Sandeep Wokil and Madhulikawakil,

      A very good way of ensuring pragmatism through a balanced approach is to conduct SWOT analysis (or SWOT matrix), which is a strategic planning technique that can help a person or organization to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats related to business competition or project planning.

      I would like to recommend using a proofreader to improve or edit your essay, which is well done and well-reasoned on the whole, Sandeep.

      May both of you have a lovely weekend!

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